Musaic Vocal Ensemble is grateful to all of its community supporters, who help make it possible for the choir to continue to sing together. Over these past few difficult years, the support of our community has made the difference between survival and thriving.

We have a few different ways for you to support us:

Musaic is involved in a raffle!! Buy your ticket soon, so you are not disappointed!! There are great prizes to be won!!

Buy a raffle ticket to support Musaic!  Win cash! ! Feb 1 – April 12, 2024

we’re only selling tickets on line – no paper tickets
first prize: $2000   second prize $1500   third prize: $750 x 2   fourth prize: $100 x 10
the window to sell is February 1 – April 12 
you must be 19 years of age or older and reside in BC to purchase a ticket
single ticket $5 or 5-ticket pack $20

Musaic Virtual Bottle Drive – Please drop your bottles/cans/cartons off as outlined below, and the money will find its way into the Musaic account directly. Or you can do a regular drop-off in Summerland/Penticton and e-transfer the equivalent amount to our account via our email contact:

Penticton Return-It Express. J&C  Bottle Depot, 200 Rosetown Ave.

  1.  Put returnable beer/wine/juice bottles and cans all into big transparent bags; *milk and juice cartons go in a separate bag. No need to sort; caps can stay on bottles. No more than 12 bottles in each bag – mix them up with cans so it’s not too heavy.

*Please note that coffee creamer/whipped cream containers are not acceptable for refund.

  • Go to the tag dispenser in the location and print off up to six bag labels at a time, using our number:  2509879876.  Affix the label so that it is scannable.
  • Drop the bags off at the special desk in the depot.

Summerland regular drop-off is at 9615 Victoria Rd. S

This is an easy way we can add a bit of cash to our Musaic coffers for various expenses this year. Thank you in advance for participating.                        

If you would like to make a donation to Musaic Vocal Ensemble, please email President Andrew Holder: